Chulpan Khamatova was born on October 1st 1975 in Kazan, Russia to a family of engineers. From 8th grade and onward Chulpan studied at a Kazan University supervised school with a narrow specialization in mathematics. After school Chulpan spent several months studying at the local finance and economics institute but suddenly dropped out, then applied and was accepted into the Kazan Theatrical Arts School. Chulpan’s professors advised that she continue her education in Moscow, so Chulpan applied and was accepted to the Russian University of Theater Arts, studying a course led by Alexey Borodin.

Chulpan performed at a number of Moscow theaters, including the Russian Academic Youth Theater, Moon Theater, Anton Chekhov Theater, and the Central Children’s Theater. In 1998 Chulpan was invited to the Moscow Sovremennik Theater. The actress’ debut was in the role of Patricia Hollmann (Three Comrades, by Erich Maria Remarque). She then also scored roles in a number of other plays, including Three Sisters (as Irina), Mamapapasynsobaka (as Andriya), Thunderstorm (as Katerina), Naked Pioneer Girl (as Masha Muhina), and Antony & Cleopatra. Version (as Cleopatra), as well as the role of Masha in a new 2008 version of the Three Sisters play. In 2008 Chulpan performed at the Theater of Nations for the Shyukin’s Tales play (by Alvis Hermanis) where she played a role in nine out of the ten total tales. In 2009 Chulpan made her debut in Poor Lisa, a choreographic novella based on the novel of the same name by N. Karamzin (music by Leonid Desyatnikov, directed by Alla Sigalova). In 2011, at the Sovremennik Theater, Chulpan took part in the premiere of Enemies: A Love Story based on the novel of the same name by Bashevis Singer, while at the Theater of Nations, she performed in Miss Julie based in the original play by August Strindberg.

Chulpan got into movie roles during her third year at university. Director Vadim Abdrashitov invited her for the role of Katya in the movie A Dancer’s Time. After that, the role of Rita in Valery Todorovsky’s movie Country of the Deaf brought her true stardom. Both viewers and critics acknowledged Chulpan as one of the most talented young actresses in Russian cinema. As of 2010 Chulpan Khamatova has starred in over 30 films. She also spends quite a bit of time helping out the European film industry (starring in such German films as Tuvalu by F. Hellmer, England by A. von Boris, Goodbye, Lenin!, Viktor Vogel – Commercial Man, and Lullaby, as well as the Austrian Hurensohn and others).

In December 2006 Chulpan united with actress Dina Korzun to organize a charity event called Gift of Life and created a fund of the same name that to this day serves to help in the treatment of children with oncological and onco-hematological illnesses. Chulpan is also a member of the spearhead group for the Future Image social movement.

Chulpan has also participated in television productions such as Wait for Me, Ice Age (figure skating) and others.

In the Tatar language the name Chulpan means “dawn star”.

Family Life
Daughter: Arina (2002)
Daughter: Asya (2003)
Daughter: Iya (2010)
Husband: Alexander Shein

How to help children...
“Some might claim that we run a charity to try and whiteout our own sins, but it doesn’t matter what they say, just as long as the kids get another chance at life!” said Chulpan. “I can’t live without these kids and this organization anymore. I used to dream of being a doctor when I was young. Instead, I became an actress, so what can I do to help the kids now? All I can do is gather funds, since any given day can bring news of a child, a tiny patient, in need of a transplant that costs 15,000 Euro. So here we (actors) are: Dina Korzun, Yekaterina Skanavi, Evgeniy Stychkin, Marat Basharov, Sergey Garmash, Sergey Bezrukov and Alyona Babenko. We gather those funds and store them for such needs. My friends spend time at hospitals, watch over the children as guardians, all the while watching carefully to see how their treatment goes and what funds they may need. This year the Sovremennik Theater was home to fundraising for six regional clinics. We gathered over $215,000, and not a soul complained about being left without pay. That money went to buying new equipment for the clinics instead.” Chulpan’s faith is so sincere that everyone who comes in contact with her can’t help but have faith as well. They believe and do their best to help as well.

Acknowledgements & Awards
2001 – Award for best female role in the Viewers’ View contest at the Kinotavar Film Festival (Lion’s Share).
2002 – Award for best female role (Luna Papa) at the Brigantina Film Festival.
2002 – Viewer judgement panel award for best female role (Lunar Dad) at the Russian Sochi Film Festival.
2003 – Chayka Award in the Smile nomination for best comedic female role
2004 – Russian Federation national award for performances in Anne Frank’s Diary, Three Comrades and Mamapapasynsobaka.
2004 – Awarded title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
2004 – Awarded the Golden Mask for role in Mamapapasynsobaka
2004 – Kumir Award
2006 – Coronation Award in the Brightest Star Category
2006 – TEFI Award in the Faces Category for best female role (Doctor Zhivago)
2006 – Golden Eagle Award for best female support role (Ellipsis)
2006 – Friendship Award
2007 – George 2007 Award (in honor of George Melyes) from Russian Live Journal
2007 – Acknowledged by Glamour Magazine as Woman of the Year
2008 – Awarded a star on the Alley of Fame at the Russian Film Star Square
2009 – George 2007 Award (in honor of George Melyes) from Russian Live Journal
2009 – Living Theater Award for best female role in Shukshin’s Tales
2010 – Person of the Year 2009 Award in the nomination for Proactive Civil Initiative
2010 – In the Right Track Award in honor of V. Visotsky for years of work in the name of saving lives and helping preserve health in children, for asceticism, for spiritual generosity and for faith in humanity
2012 – Russian Federation National Artist Award for vast achievements in cinematography and theatrical arts
2012 – NIKA National Film Award
2014 – TEFI Award in the best female telefilm role Category («Pepel»)
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